Level Up Your Picks With A.I.

We pull the best picks from over 300 picks sites / sources across the internet and deliver the best ones to you.

Getting Good Picks
Has Never Been Easier

Our algorithms analyze massive amounts of data to provide you with the best picks from across the internet.

Sources of Picks
Historical Pieces of Data
Years of Data
Average Win Percentage

Next Generation Picks Platform

300 trusted sources generating 2,000 picks a day makes for 1 extremely
powerful AI packed into a beautiful easy to use site.

AI Powered Sports Picks Every Day

Our AI uses the 300 best pick sites on the internet to find winning picks.

Picks Sent Straight To You

Picks and line movements are delivered via text every day consistently.

In an Easy To Track Format

We built an entire platform to track our AI's wins and losses so you don't have to.

Feed of Predictions

Streamlined Picks

See your predictions sorted by:

  • Games coming up
  • Games in progress
  • Games completed

With additional information like:

  • Bet results
  • Live scores
  • Tags to show seen/unseen picks
Always Updated

Instant Betting Information

For new picks:

  • Opt into any sport
  • Get notified when picks are released via text

For betting information:

  • When picks are time sensitive
  • When starting players are injured
Fully Transparent

Win/Loss Tracking

See the AI’s past pick performance:

  • By sport
  • By date
  • By time intervals (7 days, 30 days, 180 days, 365 days)

Have an accurate understanding of how our AI is performing at all times.

The Best Picks Across The Web

Sports picks pulled from great sources

We train our AI on sports picks from the best and most credible pick websites on the internet. Odds are if you buy picks, we buy them too (and determine whether they're good or not).

What do our users say?

We don’t want you to take us for our word, we want you to listen to the hundreds of other satisfied customers. This is what feeling the power of Sportivo AI sounds like.

"I've used a lot of pick experiences but this is frankly the best picks platform I've ever used."

Joseph Newcomb

Happy Sportivo AI User

"I used to just accept that I may or may not get picks but after using Sportivo? I have a new standard for getting picks"

Ben Shapiro

Happy Sportivo AI User

"This is the best experience I have ever had with picks. I got to try it for free and haven't ever looked back. "

Nick Shanker

Happy Sportivo AI User

"If I don't make money, I don't pay? And there's AI?? Sportivo is the bomb."

Gabe Fernandez

Happy Sportivo AI User

"When I started using Sportivo I owed my bookie $3k, now he owes me $66k. Sportivo is always where I'm getting my picks."

Dean Maltzman

Happy Sportivo AI User

"It was always so hard going between sites to find the best picks, with Sportivo they just deliver them to me. Thanks guys!."

Mikey Lowe

Happy Sportivo AI User


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AI aims to deliver picks winning above 54%
Estimated Picks Per Month: 350
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Cancel at any time in the settings menu if you're not impressed
The AI will optimize to hit the win percentage you've selected.
Diamond Plan
AI aims to deliver picks winning above 57%
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Estimated Picks Per Month: 150
The AI will optimize for either higher win percentages or to maximize your ROI
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