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We don’t want you to take us for our word, we want you to listen to the hundreds of other satisfied customers. This is what feeling the power of Sportivo AI sounds like.

"I've used a lot of pick experiences but this is frankly the best picks platform I've ever used."

Joseph Newcomb

Happy Sportivo AI User

"I used to just accept that I may or may not get picks but after using Sportivo? I have a new standard for getting picks"

Ben Shapiro

Happy Sportivo AI User

"This is the best experience I have ever had with picks. I got to try it for free and haven't ever looked back. "

Nick Shanker

Happy Sportivo AI User

"If I don't make money, I don't pay? And there's AI?? Sportivo is the bomb."

Gabe Fernandez

Happy Sportivo AI User

"When I started using Sportivo I owed my bookie $3k, now he owes me $66k. Sportivo is always where I'm getting my picks."

Dean Maltzman

Happy Sportivo AI User

"It was always so hard going between sites to find the best picks, with Sportivo they just deliver them to me. Thanks guys!."

Mikey Lowe

Happy Sportivo AI User

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